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Sage Theatre’s Ignite! Festival celebrates its 10th year

Calgary, AB – Founded in 2005, IGNITE! began with a mission "to inspire and nurture the next generation of artists." The festival has expanded to offer meaningful opportunities for up-and-coming artists in the disciplines of dance, visual art and music. In ten years of the festival, Ignite! has launched dozens of new plays and hundreds of careers. We are proud to see former Ignite! artists all over Canada, making a big impact on our national performing arts scene.

This 2014 festival lineup:

SNAKEOIL Conceived by Brittany Babott, in collaboration with Ted Stenson
A tale of [mis]fortune and folly - Snakeoil is a deconstructed melodrama set in the heart of the west; ensconced in heartbreak, betrayal, greed and oil.

WIHTIKO by Olivia Brooks
After the death of her mother, Didi, is feeling isolated. In a world where she already cannot connect with most people, especially her father, Didi must now fight to save her family.

FIVE BY ELEVEN by Alexis Lerigny
Carrin is a first time convicted criminal charged with murder for killing a man while drunk driving. Her fight to stay safe in prison and keep her young daughter in her life will prove to be the fight of a life time.

MS. SUGARCOAT by Alice Nelson
Ms.Sugarcoat, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, is eager to mold the young minds of the future! But the University textbooks didn't prepare her for helicopter parents, entitled-high-needs students and being politically correct at the cost of telling the truth.... Come join Ms. Sugarcoat's class, where everyone is "Special".

Tesla, Twain and Morgan meet in death to revisit the events surrounding the Wardenclyffe Tower project in 1901. The inventor's tower promises to advance mankind a century, but threatens the banker’s societal ideals of order and control. A writer carefully tries to convey the truth while keeping two bitter foes at bay.

A mix of text, projection, and live sound design, oppositely themed pieces with complimenting elements, and small groups to large littering the stage with talent, but a great combination of artists from all walks, well versed in multiple

A site-specific tour in the Calgary Tower, facilitated by Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre. This adventurous, roaming performance will span the Calgary Tower complex, from an abandoned underground train station to the glorious city views of the observation deck, and feature edgy creations inspired by Rapunzel, the classic story from Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Sage Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Calgary Arts Development Authority, the Department of Canadian Heritage, Keyera, First Calgary Financial, Rare, and Village Brewery

All performances will be showcased in The Studio in Vertigo Theatre and Lunchbox Theatre.

Individual Show - $15.00

Festival All-Access Pass (Not including site-specific) - $50.00 (Add $10.00 and receive a discounted ticket to the site-specific tour as well!)

For tickets, please contact the Vertigo Box Office at 403-220-3708 or online at

2014 Performance Schedule

MEDIA CALL - Wednesday, June 18th @ 11:00 AM

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