2017 – 2018 Season

Legislating Love Poster

Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story

by Natalie Meisner
March 22-31, 2018

Everett Klippert was the last person to be tried, convicted, and jailed for homosexuality in Canada. Maxine, a young historian, discovers Everett’s case. She becomes consumed with finding out who he really was, past the headlines. This is the story of the struggle to define Klippert, beyond what history wants and needs him to be.

The 2018 IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists!

Take in the bleeding edge of theatre, music, dance and the arts as IGNITE! brightens your June! Catch emerging artists as they explode onto the Calgary arts scene. The call for artists is now live!


by Vern Thiessen
Sept 14-23, 2017

Andy is in trouble. Downsized from his job, his marriage in crisis, he meets a mysterious young woman who he looks to for salvation. But when his wife becomes seriously ill, Andy must make a choice: care for an estranged wife, or run away with a woman he knows little about. A haunting tale of sex, secrets and second chances.

Starring: Shawna Burnett, Kristen Padayas, and Michael Peng
Directed by: Jason Mehmel
Designed by: Alison Yanota
Sound Design by: Jason Mehmel with assistance by Travis McKinnon
Stage Manager: Kelley Cheetham

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