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1943: The world was at war with Germany.

Canadian co-pilots, Adams and Davis, are at war with each other.

Half the Battle tells the story of Adams and Davis, the pilot and flight engineer of a Canadian Avro Lancaster in WWII.

The two men are forced by fate to recount their stories of what brought them to war, why they fight, and most importantly what they left behind. The outspoken Newfoundlander and the by-the-book Albertan, hardly friends in during the war, now find themselves at odds with this new partnership.

Secrets are revealed, and a seemingly impossible friendship discovered.  Half the Battle dives passionately into the often forgotten tales of the Second World War and the harrowing, unspoken accounts of the soldiers and civilians who sacrificed so much.

Written and performed by Owen Bishop.  Directed by Shelby Nicole Reinitz. Co-produced through Sage Theatre’s Stepping Stone program.

A Sage Stepping Stone Production

Stepping Stone Productions showcase theatre artists, providing them a bridge between where they are and where they want to be with their art. Sage helps them accomplish this through mentorship, production support and access to a greater network of community and resources.

what are people saying?

“Owen Bishop’s performance as the bickering pair cleverly reinvents the “one man show” format… Hilarious and heart-wrenching. Half the Battle is an exceptional examination of the costs of war, as the characters wrestle with their guilt, trauma and (sometimes literally) each other.

– Alix Kemp, Edmonton Fringe

“Half the Battle is twice the show – funny and moving – don’t miss it”

– Kathryn Shaw, Artistic Director, Studio 58


Join us for our special talkback series where you get to chat in an informal setting with an expert. Our History Brought to Life talkback features a historical take on the Canadian effort in the war and our Artist Talkbacks delves into the process of the creators of the show.