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Oct 2: All In The Timing by David Ives

Have you heard the phrase: a million monkeys, on a million typewriters, might write Hamlet?

What would a few of those chimps say, if they had a conversation between bouts on the keyboard?

Sage Salons provide a reading of classic or contemporary plays with talented local actors in relaxed atmospheres. We’re going to give you slices of stories that will keep you talking long after it’s done!

We’re starting the series this season with All In The Timing by David Ives. A popular and clever collection of short plays. Full of wordplay and wit, they play with big ideas while never taking things too seriously!

We are wonderfully hosted by Congress Coffee, a comfortable cafe run by folks who value stories, audiences, and conversation.

(The venue isn’t licensed for alcohol, but there will be lots of other wonderful food and drink available!)

Join us Oct 2 at 7pm, #1A – 215 36 Ave NE

Capacity is limited! Get the tickets quickly to avoid missing out!

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