2018 Call for Artists: IMPROV SERIES


Co-Presented & Curated by The Kinkonauts

Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists – JUNE 5-9, 2018

Emerging improv troupes interested in developing their own format and individuals who would like to form a group are encouraged to apply for the IGNITE! Improv series with mentorship provided by The Kinkonauts.

Improv troupes will receive:

  • 2 public performances
  • Rehearsal space
  • Mentorship focused on format development with The Kinkonauts
  • An IGNITE! Festival Artist Pass
  • A small honorarium

Group Format Development

Improv troupes will work with the Kinkonauts to explore their creative objectives and develop an improvised format. With guidance from the Kinkonauts, this format will be developed by the improvisers over multiple workshops to a performance level. Troupes and Mentors will meet weekly to rehearse and work.

Festival Ensemble
Individual improvisors will be cast as members of the Festival Ensemble. Working with a coach from The Kinkonauts, this ensemble will develop and present an improvised format over multiple workshops to a performance level, and present this format during the festival. The ensemble will meet weekly to rehearse and work.

Expressions of Interest

Interested improv troupes should submit a CV and a proposal (each maximum 2 pages) to IGNITE!

In the proposal tell us:

  • Who are you and why do you improvise?
  • Why are you interested in developing your format and performing at IGNITE!?
  • What do you want to do with improv? Feel free to speculate, dream, elaborate!
  • What do you like best about improv?

Deadline: February 23

To apply please fill out online the form HERE.

PLEASE NOTE – While February 23 is our application deadline, we view the submission process as a conversation. The earlier you submit, the better conversation we can have!

About the Ignite! Festival of Emerging Artists

IGNITE! is a festival dedicated to supporting, mentoring and presenting early career artists of all disciplines. IGNITE! allows artists to embrace risks in a supportive environment while providing resources, a bridge to the professional arts community, and meaningful opportunities for collaboration and community building with their peers.

The festival accepts applications from artists of all disciplines. Artists of colour, indigenous artists and/or artists from LGBTQ+ communities are heartily encouraged to apply to all streams of the festival.

If you are interested in applying but the application process creates a barrier, please contact us via phone 403.397.8559 or email [email protected].

About The Kinkonauts

The Kinkonauts are Calgary’s Improv Lab: a longform improvisational theatre troupe. They are comprised of more than 40 improvisors and numerous troupes dedicated to creating emotional, hilarious and profound improvised theatre.

Other opportunities

The IGNITE! Festival has a number of other series including Interdisciplinary, Dance, Club, Improv and Provocation. Please visit sagetheatre.com for full details. Artists are welcome to apply for more than one festival series.

General questions regarding the improv Series should be submitted via email to  [email protected].