IGNITE! 2018 – IGNITE! Clubs

Holy Fruit

Show Description: This is a pop-up performance event featuring artists with various stories and journeys; Queer, Trans, Non-binary, LGBTQIA2++, racialized and other voices that have been marginalized and/or fucked over by the world.
Anything goes! Strut your stuff! This night will celebrate the diversity of our community and honour the many voices that for various reasons lack outlets to be seen and heard. It will also be an evening of community connection and sharing of insight. This night will be a safe, inclusive space for the passionate artist to express themselves and for you to enjoy respectfully.


Show Description: Late Night Hot Meat will get folks raucous and sweaty. This  art party on June 09 is a multi-disciplinary performance party // clashing together of audience and artists with exploratory, off-the-wall, never-before-seen, might-not-ever-be-seen-again: performance experiences.
Music, installations, one-on-one encounters, performance, movement, freakish, out of this world, interdisciplinary and the impossible will explode the idea of the LIVE. The clubs create a platform for adventurous and interesting work while enjoying a party.