IGNITE! 2018 – Provocation Series

Provocation Series

curated by Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre

بالعكس – The Opposite

Following the outbreak of civil war, Canada resettled more than 25,000 Syrian refugees. But what if the roles were reversed, war came to Canada, and we were forced to flee? Written and performed by Sleman Aldib, a Syrian theatre artist who now lives in Calgary, بالعكس / The Opposite aims to help Canadians feel what it means to be a refugee.

by Sleman Aldib
June 6-7, 7:00 & 9:30 pm
West Village Theatre
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Here? Safe? Now.

Home is a story spun into a sanctuary. A cell that holds us, a frame that keeps us. A forever search for belonging.

by Liam Coady. Lee Doré, Shaylea Pangle & Sarah Uwadiae
10-minute performances at 6:00, 6:45, 8:00 & 9:15 pm
Pumphouse Park
Free event

Soak: Endurance Performance Creation

“It was a search for human generosity, a reflection on the vitality of natural resources (water), with speculation around the consequences of future water scarcity / pollution (water crisis).” Join the conversation as Matthew Hall unpacks an Endurance Performance Art journey titled SOAK. A provocation that is bound to make you thirsty.

by Matthew Hall
June 9, 8:15 pm
Pumphouse Park
Free event: RSVP coming soon


In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the last human on earth is stranded in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating pile of refuse in the middle of the ocean. Amidst acid rain, suffocating smog, and the gradual disintegration of the trash beneath her feet, she tells her final tale, using improvised garbage puppets, and really, really bad poetry. Listen to her story in the back alley, next to a dumpster, and behold: the end of the world. Content note: strong language, very bad poetry

by Savanna Harvey
June 5-9, 7:00 pm
Meet at entrance of West Village Theatre
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When Melissa comes forward with the story of her sexual assault in grade 12, instead of support, she finds instead a fight against the school she loved, an administration she trusted, and classmates she valued. A story of healing, recovery, and most importantly color, Vibrant is a true story of the Calgary education system. Told from the perspective of a college age Melissa, this piece plays with colored paint and movement to ask the question: when the people in charge won’t protect you, who will? The show is approximately an hour and will be a ticketed event. Content note: talk of sexual assault, use of colored smoke.

by Mikenzie Page
June 5-8, 7:00 pm
Pumphouse Park
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The IGNITE! Festival presents exciting work from new voices. Take in the bleeding edge of theatre, music, and dance at a festival dedicated to supporting, mentoring, and presenting emerging artists of all disciplines.

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Treaty 7 Land
The IGNITE! Festival acknowledge this event takes place on the land of the Treaty 7 People, The Blackfoot from Kainai, Blood, Siksika, and Peigan, The Sarcee from Tsu’tina and Eden Valley, and the Stoney Nakoda people from Morley. We are all treaty people, visitors to this land and we give thanks to the people who came before and keep this land for us and all our future generations.

IGNITE! Graphic by Samantha Charette