God’s Lake

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Castlereigh Theatre Project
Documentary Theatre That Defies.

A World Premiere. This original work of documentary theatre is about the strength and resilience of the people in the remote fly-in reserve of God’s Lake Narrows, Manitoba following traumatic events of unresolved justice and a complex, challenging past. A glimpse into the lived reality of this community is told verbatim from interviews conducted over six months in 2017.

God’s Lake is a collaboration between playwright Francesca Albright and award-winning Swampy Cree filmmaker Kevin Lee Burton.
Directed by Atomic Vaudeville’s Britt Small.
Dramaturgy by Gordon Pengilly.

Using original live music, heightened physicality and stunning visual imagery, God’s Lake offers a rare opportunity to witness the complex issues facing people living in a remote community and provides an understanding for those who might have no awareness of the reserve system, let alone what it’s like to live in a remote First Nations reserve.

Buy Tickets – Click the link to purchase tickets online, or call the ARTS COMMONS box office at 403.294.9494.

January 17, 2019 @ 8:00 p.m.
January 18, 2019 @ 8:00 p.m.
January 19, 2019 @ 2:00 p.m.

More About God’s Lake

This is not the first time Sage Theatre and Castlereigh Theatre have worked together. They have a long and productive history, first producing Castle In the Sky in 2011 and then Ocean Fox in 2013. Both of these were presented at our IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists.

Castle in the Sky was a piece of documentary or verbatim theatre about the 2006 Medicine Hat tragedy where a twelve-year-old girl and her twenty-three year old boyfriend fatally stabbed her mother, father, and eight year old brother. And Ocean Fox was a docudrama exploring the tumultuous life and times of Jef Fox, an American dive-master on a remote Bahamian islet called Harbour Island. These were co-written with Jude Thaddeus Allen.

These past productions were put on by teams of local artists, who are active and work consistently in Calgary’s theatre community. Valmai Goggin who directed Castle In The Sky is currently the Development & Administrative Associate at Lunchbox Theatre and works as a  professional director. Actors from Castle In The Sky include Amy Sawka, who recently performed in The Boy’s Own Jedi Handbook at Storybook Theatre, and Matt McKinney, who played the title role of Sage Theatre’s most recent production Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story.

Part of Sage’s mission is to leverage its experience as an acclaimed theatre company to encourage and foster emerging talent, to help local artists connect to the professional community through mentorship, and to ultimately create a vibrant, sustainable theatre community in this city.

Sage’s IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists has been pivotal to achieving this goal and all of the artists involved in Castlereigh Theatre’s productions at the festival have gone on to develop their craft in Calgary.

Sage Theatre is excited to partner with Castlereigh Theatre once more in 2019 and to have been a part of their growth and success to this point. To work with artists such as Albright and have Castlereigh develop a piece of work that will be presented at the Rodeo next year is a testament to the success of the IGNITE!

Please join us for the world premiere of God’s Lake at the High Performance Rodeo.