Andromeda by shannon barry

Announcing the 2020 IGNITE! Festival Image! Each year, in collaboration with Pumphouse Theatre (festival home base), we put out a call for emerging visual artists. Selected artists are exhibited at Pumphouse Theatre concurrent with the IGNITE! Festival. One image submitted is offered the opportunity to be the official IGNITE! Festival Image and is used to develop that year’s event branding. You will be able to see Andromeda on the IGNITE! festival poster and manifesting in various ways across social media, the Sage Theatre website, and all our marketing and promotional materials. Congratulations Shannon Barry! Can collision with the Milky Way happen any sooner?! We need more Andromeda in our lives!

Artist Statement

“Fluid art portraiture lies somewhere between the real and the surreal. I find the volatile nature of fluid acrylics to be reflective of the unknowns in life and it reminds me to look for the beauty in the things I can’t control. By removing myself from the obsession of precision, I’m able to play with unorthodox mediums such as personal lubricant or blowing at the wet paint with a bubble sword. While the intention behind every piece is always personal, I don’t subscribe to the idea that a piece of art must always be serious.” 

Artist Bio

Born in South Africa, Shannon Barry is a Canadian visual artist who has spent the past two years experimenting with fluid art portraiture. Her work with fluid acrylics embrace the power of the unknown. The unpredictable medium has transformative properties that challenge perfectionism and the perception of reality.

She has achieved her International Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art and has recently received the Faculty of Arts Achievement Award at Mount Royal University. She is currently studying English (Hons.) with a minor in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Her upcoming creative honours thesis will focus on surrealism and the representation of the subconscious in literature. 

Andromeda was selected from among many exciting pieces submitted to the Pumphouse Theatre emerging visual artist call. At this time, exhibition space at the Pumphouse Theatre is unavailable due to COVID-19 closures. Andromeda and the other amazing artists and artworks selected for exhibition will be featured in the Pumphouse gallery space in the future. Stay tuned!