IGNITE! 2020: Bypass

Art Series: Dance

bypass is a dance film inspired by the commonalities that we are unaware that we share with others. Very often we are drawn to the differences we see between ourselves and others, and do not pursue a human connection that could potentially be valuable to us. Especially in uncertain times like these it is important that we recognize the difference between social distancing, and social isolation.

Show Times – 

  • June 12 – 7:55-8:05

Run time: 10 minutes
Rating: PG

  • Mental illness

If you have questions relating to mental health, Alberta Health – Access Mental Health is an excellent resource with trained professionals who can answer questions about these matters.

If you need immediate help and support the Calgary Distress Centre
can provide immediate access to a crisis counsellor. Accessible by phone at 403-266-4357 and by their chat function – located here.

Owl Pod is offering free virtual counselling sessions – needing to talk is okay. No problem is too small.

Choreographer, Dancer – Maryn Bjorndahl
Maryn Bjorndahl is a Calgary based emerging dance artist. She completed her BFA in Dance from the University of Calgary in 2017. Maryn has had the opportunity to work with local and international dance artists who have expanded her perception of the art form. Local credits include performances with the Alberta Dance Festival, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, kloetzel&co, W&M Dance Projects, Cloudsway Dance Theatre, and Trip the Light Dance Company. Maryn hopes to continue pursuing experiences as a Performer, Choreographer, and Dance Educator.

Production Assistant – Elizabeth Burney
Liz Burney is a Calgary based emerging dance artist. In 2017 she graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, in Contemporary Dance. While in the BFA program, Liz extensively studied contemporary dance with local professional artists as well as international guest artists. During her degree, she had the opportunity to perform works by: Peggy Baker, Marie France Forcier, Melanie Kloetzel, Iris Heitzinger, and Melissa Monteros.
Liz is now continuing her training, taking advantage of classes & intensives hosted by local professionals. As an emerging artist in the Calgary dance scene, Liz is passionate about continuing her study of the creative process and developing her performance through collaboration with other artists.

Artistic Mentor – Linnea Swan

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