IGNITE! 2020 Cast and Crew Submissions

There are still a few 2020 IGNITE! Projects looking for some awesome emerging artists to join their team. All auditions will be done over Zoom from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Tuesday, May 12th. The IGNITE! Festival for Emerging Artists is committed to diversity in employment. We believe in equity and inclusion and strongly encourage submissions from all artists regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, and ability. We are particularly seeking submissions from trans*, non-binary and gender non-confirming artists. Priority will be given to these artists. A full listing of shows and roles are below:


SoulSwap is a staged reading about two transgender individuals, early in their transitions, who have the opportunity to swap bodies with one another as a potential alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Elliot and Lily navigate how inhabiting a new body changes their lives: their own relationships with their bodies (former and new), their relationships with family and friends, and their relationship with one another. The swap was intended to be something to benefit them both, but in inhabiting a new reality and new body, there are unexpected consequences that complicate the situation.

LILY (she/her) – 26, transgender woman early in her transition. Her experience with gender leans more towards euphoria rather than dysphoria: her gender presentation is somewhat ambiguous, but pre-transition, she leans towards a combination of masculine and feminine. She’s confident in who she is and comfortable pushing boundaries regarding gender. Plays piano and works at a soap shop in a mall.

ELLIOT (he/him) – 24, transgender man early in his transition. His experience with gender has included struggling with dysphoria, and feeling as though his body is not his own. Has relatively few personal connections and a mostly unsupportive family. Also struggles with anxiety, feels very many emotions, and has a softness to him. He tries his best to be bright and energetic despite the many things he feels. Skateboards and works at a diner.

DR. CAROL ANDERSEN (she/her) – 45ish, trans woman, a psychiatrist. Facilitating the procedure, ensuring that Elliot and Lily are both content with the results. Sunny, supportive, and has a grounded sense of logic and knowledge.

  • The actor cast as Carol will also be reading stage directions (scenes that include Carol have minimal stage directions and it is likely possible to do both.)
  • In the current draft of SoulSwap, Carol is present onstage and has dialogue with Elliot and Lily, however– the script is still in development, and Carol is likely to shift into a character mentioned, but not seen. Regardless of whether or not Carol is present in the final presentation, we would love to have someone on board to play her, should the need arise. 


In this comedic audio play, sixteen-year-old Poppy’s struggle to overcome the shame borne of her family’s stifling Catholic values is thrust forward by a lobster mascot come to life.

Casting is inclusive in terms of ethnicity, age, ability, gender, etc. Artists of all identities are encouraged to audition.

SYLAN – POPPY’S teenaged, non-binary best friend who works at the Cull & Crusher. They are not religious and attend a public high school. They are unapologetic in their self-expression and highly charismatic. We are prioritizing submissions from artists who are non-binary/gender non-conforming themselves.

DOUG – POPPY’s father, middle-aged. Co-owns the Cull & Crusher. He is kind and approachable, but his fierce devotion to the Catholic church is often intimidating.

GLORIA – POPPY’s mother, middle-aged. Co-owns the Cull & Crusher. She appears brusque and strict but is secretly very nurturing. Like her husband, she passionately practices Catholicism.

LEO – POPPY’s brother, in his late twenties. He has also become disenfranchised with Catholicism and is a cheerful fourth grade teacher and polyamorist.

FATHER PHIL – A local priest whose parish is attended by POPPY’s family. He is very friendly and open-minded but is by no means radical.

LOBSTER – The Cull & Crusher mascot come to life. The lobster is gender neutral but sounds more feminine than masculine, and has a commanding, godlike quality.

We will be reserving time slots on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure to get your submission in quick! The IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists supports early career artists, and as such cannot engage those who are union-affiliated. Successful applicants will be paid an honorarium of $100. Please send a headshot (or a current photo of yourself) and resume with your preferred time slot and specific show interest to Sage Theatre’s Artistic Associate, Griffin Cork at [email protected]