IGNITE! 2020: Psychotic Bitch

Art Series: Theatre

Poster Design: Gabrielle Eisenberg

My name is Maezy Dennie. I’m 17 years old. I’ve been diagnosed with psychosis for a year, despite having had hallucinations for close to five years and delusions for the majority of my life. I’ve been on medication for just under 9 months. I’ve lost numerous friendships, shed plenty of blood and not missed moments from my life. I decided to try and capture what an auditory psychotic episode might manifest like for my show in IGNITE 2020.
Find the audio files here.

Show Times –

  • June 12 – 6:40-6:55

Run time – ~15
Rating – PG-13

  • Adult language/content
  • Blood
  • Bullying/derogatory language
  • Death/dying
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Eating disorders/body hatred/fatphobia
  • Emotional abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide/suicidal ideation
  • Verbal abuse
  • Trauma/PTSD

If you think you can be helped by seeing a private psychologist, Calgary Psychologists’ Directory or Psychology Today are good directories to get started with.

If you have questions relating mental health, Alberta Health – Access Mental Health is an excellent resource with trained professionals who can answer questions about these matters.

If you need immediate help and support the Calgary Distress Centre
can provide immediate access to a crisis counsellor. Accessible by phone at 403-266-4357 and by their chat function – located here.

Owl Pod is offering free virtual counselling sessions – needing to talk is okay. No problem is too small.

Cast and Creative Team

Project Lead, Creator, Director, Editor, Lead Vocal Performer – Maezy Dennie
A 17 year old girl, born and raised in Calgary. She was diagnosed with Psychosis just over a year ago but has been having vivid hallucinations for close to five years. She’s worked hard, and is getting better. She fell in love with drama and technical theatre at Western Canada High School, which she is graduating from at some point during all this pandemic. She wants to go onto create theatre and study directing and design.

Ensemble Performer – Aidan Dupuis
Aidan has been part of the Arts since the second grade when they started dance. Since then, they’ve been involved in various art programs in school, and has attended several activist rallies for causes including gender and sexuality rights equality and awareness, and climate change education.


Ensemble Performer – Kal Rivera
A performing artist well-versed in the many styles and disciplines of acting, dancing, singing, and improvising. He has been featured on numerous local and international shows and performances, both on and off the stage and screen. He is hoping to pursue his BFA in Acting in New York City.

Ensemble Performer – Ariana Revnic
Ariana Revnic is a drama kid at Western Canada High School with an interest in Theatre, Film, Writing, Dance, and Sound design.
Thank you to the brave humans in the world making their art in these difficult times. You continue to inspire me to new heights everyday. Thank you to the IGNITE! Team for giving emerging artists the space to create. Thank you to my family and friends for continually supporting me through it all. So much love for you.
Acting Credits: Spring Awakening (2020, Western Canada High School), Revolution Or Slumber (2020, Western Canada High School), babel (2019, Western Canada High School), Aladdin (2019, Counterpoint Dance Academy), Mary Poppins (2018, Counterpoint Dance Academy), The Grunch (2017, Counterpoint Dance Academy), The Nutcracker (2016-17, Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society) Seussical The Musical (2016, Counterpoint Dance Academy)

Ensemble Performer – Patrick Wain
Thank you Maezy for the invitation to work on this project while residing on another continent. Thank you to everyone who has brought me here. Finally, thank you to Men at Work for bringing me Down Under.

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