IGNITE! 2020: The Giggles

Art Series: Improv

Channeling the spirit of The Wiggles, Australian children’s entertainers, The Giggles present family friendly improv that will encourage you to laugh, love, and learn along with them. Using suggestions sent to them from the public, The Giggles will showcase newly improvised scenes in the live digital world of Zoom. 

Show Times –

  • June 11 – 7:40-7:50
  • June 12 – 7:05-7:20
  • June 13 – 7:05-7:20

Run Time – 3 x 15 minutes
Rated – G

Cast and Creative Team

Improviser – Dominik Buconjic
Dominik is a playwright, poet, and improviser from Calgary. He is a member of improvised theatre troupe The Kinkonauts where he regularly performs as part of the show Are We Not Men. He is also a contributing member of the writers’ collective The New Twenties. This is his first IGNITE! and he is thrilled at the chance to bring you digital joy.

Improviser – Lauren Conn
Lauren has been improvising for three years with the University of Calgary Improv Club, and for about one year with Calgary’s Longform Improv Lab: The Kinkonauts. Last year she performed with The Rovers in Ignite as a member of Poetry Night! She is excited to return as a member of The Giggles, a family-friendly musical improv extravaganza!

Improviser – Christian Daly
Christian is a drama student at the University of Calgary with an intense passion for improv. After making an appearance at last year’s IGNITE! Festival, Christian has toured around to several university improv festivals from Saskatoon to Bozeman, Montana. He’s excited for the opportunity to present digitally as he’s never attempted improv without an audience. But when it comes to singing without an audience he’s rather familiar, so it can’t be too different.

Improviser – Sam Fleming
Sam is a classics major at the University of Calgary with a love for the stage and improv. Sam has performed with the UofC improv club for the last four years in Calgary and at various university festivals. Musical Improv is Sam’s favourite and he can’t wait to perform again with THE GIGGLES. He’s very excited for his first ever IGNITE festival!!

Musician/improviser – Mickail Hendi
Mickail Hendi is a third year music student at the University of Calgary whose interests vary widely within the arts. He is experienced in writing and directing, having produced short films such as The Binding of Buchanan, and Conviction. As of 2019, Mickail is also a member of Calgary-based improv company, the Kinkonauts.

Improviser – Ibrahim Oshodi
Ibrahim is a Chemistry major (and hopefully by the time this is seen – a graduate) at the University of Calgary. Needing a release of energy that aromatics and organic synthesis just weren’t providing, Ibrahim found himself gravitated to the effervescent energy and wonderful moments that only Improv can provide. Three years of joy with the UofC Improv Club, multiple university festivals and one IGNITE! Festival later, Ibrahim still can’t get enough! This IGNITE Festival he’s ready to make merry all night long with THE GIGGLES!

Artistic Mentor – James Jordan

Our festival is free to attend although donations help us with funding and enables us to keep bringing you amazing performances every year! We are also encouraging donations to the Calgary Black Empowerment Fund.