Live Streaming the Festival

Live Streaming the Festival

The IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists is beaming content to you on our brand-new Twitch channel!

How it Works

This platform will stream content directly to your personal computer, cellphone, tablet, or smart television. The Twitch app is available for download across your devices in addition to being a link you can open in your internet browser.

Check out our schedule to see when the festival goes live and when you can catch each show. Tune in once to watch the entire evening’s programming – like watching a tv channel – you remember those?

Twitch Features

The Festival’s stream will have the option to turn on live closed captions. To activate this feature, click on the bottom of the viewing window and select the “CC” option that is in the right corner.

On the livestream feed there is a chat function. In order to participate in this fun, but not mandatory, function a personal Twitch account is required. Simply sign up for a Twitch account, click on the Chat, agree to the Code of Conduct, and join the conversation.

On the right-hand side where the chat sits, there is the option to “collapse” the chat view and put the stream to full screen – if you feel viewing it during the shows would be detrimental to your viewing experience.

Troubleshooting Problems

If the stream crashes or we run into any other streaming issues, wait a minute and then refresh the link. We’ll rebroadcast the stream and it will appear on the same page but you’ll have to refresh after we’ve done this (so if it’s not working, just be patient and keep refreshing).

Our social media channels will be updated on any problems that occur.

If the stream is up and running but you are having difficulties with the stream freezing, glitching, or lagging there are a few basic things to try troubleshooting for yourself.

On the Twitch website: If the stream is not cooperating the first thing to attempt is closing your browser. Make sure not only the tab where you have the Twitch page open gets closed, but all your open tabs are closed. It might also be worth closing any other active programs you have running to ensure that your device can run the Twitch website as well as possible.

On the Twitch App: If running into issues while using the Twitch app try closing and restarting it. If the issue persists, consider shutting down any other active apps you have running on the device. If you are connected to WiFi, try turning your connection off for ten seconds and then turn it back on.

If the stream is still not working on your device, in the bottom corner of the video there is a Settings menu that upon clicking will lead you to a sub-menu. Select “quality” and then select “720”. Sometimes streaming the video at a lower resolution eases the strain on the connection.

If the stream is still not working on your device after closing other active apps/windows and lowering the stream’s video quality, try turning your Internet router off at the hub. Turn it off for ten seconds and then switch it back on.

If after exhausting our list of basic tech support your stream is still not working, we apologize! All is not lost. Twitch does save the stream for fourteen days after it is originally posted, so you do have the opportunity to go back and watch it another time on IGNITE!’s Official Twitch Channel.

Notes From Us

We would like to remind all participants in the chat that Sage Theatre/IGNITE! reserves the right to remove any comments that are not in line with our Code of Conduct and ban users who are not contributing to a positive festival experience.

A Junior Producer will always be hanging out in Chat to answer any questions and enforce the Code of Conduct. Say hi when you join the stream!

Finally, the IGNITE! Festival is by donation this year. Please help us spread the word, and if you can, make a donation during the stream (details to come).

Our festival is free to attend although donations help us with funding and enables us to keep bringing you amazing performances every year! We are also encouraging donations to the Calgary Black Empowerment Fund.