IGNITE Program

IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists

Welcome to the IGNITE! Festival of Emerging Artists. This annual show is about putting a spotlight on the emerging artists in Alberta. 

What I’ve noticed in the projects this year has been a meditation on place and time.
It’s normal for artists to be investigating their situation; it’s a part of what makes the arts so compelling. Their investigations usually mirror our own.
But this year, it’s a lot more specific. It’s about what it means to be physically in certain places. Or what the passage of time means to us. This resonates because, as a society, we’ve had to engage with our relationship to space, and our relationship to time, in very stark ways.
These artists aren’t making specifically COVID-related work… but it’s hard not to see the reflection of what these things mean to us, now that we have regained at least some what we previously considered normal. Now that we can choose them more intentionally.
I’m particularly grateful for the artists this year, that they chose to bring their work to us and allow us to be part of its growth, as we all grow together.
Thank you for being with us, for joining that growth.
Jason Mehmel
Artistic Director, Sage Theatre

The Festival Line Up

forever anyway

forever anyway delves into the notions of eternity and loss, narrating the journey of the same couple across numerous years following their separation.

Dance Series

Be Vardų, Be Kojų

“Be Vardų, Be Kojų,” which translates to ‘without names, without legs,’ is a completely innovative and new folk dance production that employs the amalgamated forms of 3D models to challenge the rigidity of gender roles and assignments within the Lithuanian language and dance.

La Vieja Astronauta 
If a woman could have it her way, where would she choose to die, when she finds her roots and origin in different geographical places?

Glass Recollections

pointless purSUIT

What does the stagnant and predictable routine of the corporate day job mean for the everyday artist who wishes to break free and truly express their humanity in these working conditions?

poor recollections

poor recollections is a mixture of found text and a collection of self-reflections that explores power dynamics, trauma, and healing.

Verre Brisé

Verre Brisé is a movement piece that exposes what it is like to feel isolated because of mental illness, specifically Body Dysmorphia, and how those suffering must heal by looking inward.

Green Key

Green Key is an interactive theatrical production centered around the experiences of refugees, offering the audience a firsthand understanding of the realities and significance of being a refugee.

High School Showcase

The Rabbit, the Water, and the Worms

An abusive father seeks forgiveness from the innermost epithets of his child, wife and mistress as he travels through the process of death.

The Unkindess of Ghosts

Should we feel responsible in the wake of tragedy? In the hands of director Sylviane Allard, The Unkindness of Ghosts, is a brutal social commentary on the role of bystanders in regards to mental health.

Innocence Astray

What is it to lose your innocence, and who do you become when it’s gone? Innocence Astray is a devised storytelling structure that explores the concept of losing innocence following the characters of Alice, Peter, and Red Riding Hood.

Silver Islands

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is a coming-of-age story that navigates childhood worries, poverty and family dynamics. This small-scale theatre show follows a young woman and her realizations about her place in the world through everyday encounters.

Islands Within Ourselves

One of the most earnest things one can do is reconcile with the past versions of themselves. This performance brings forth all those different ‘islands’ – the parts of ourselves that we exile and shows them loving embrace.

Tales from the Gym

Tales from the Gym is a musical comedy that aims to deconstruct common character archetypes found in your local gym. Each song focuses on a different character – everyone from “main characters” to gym creeps to “the Boysplainer”. Who are they? See the show to find out!

Thank you to our supporters

The 2023 Wildfire National Playwriting Competition

What is it?

We want to read awesome plays by young Canadian playwrights and we are willing to offer cash money!

We are looking for playwrights 30 years of age or under to submit fresh, young scripts that embrace risk, grit and innovation.

Submitting a play to the competition is free and the two winning scripts selected by our jury receive a cash prize, a development workshop, and a staged reading at MMMC’s Wildfire Showcase in association with Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival.

This year we will be awarding the first-place playwright $750 and the runner-up a prize of $250.