King Kirby & Contemporary Creators

We present a post-show talkback that connects the new and old. Following our production of the story of Jack Kirby, famous comic book artist who helped birth Marvel Comics with Stan Lee, we will hear from comic book artists and writers working professionally in the medium today, and find out how much has changed, and how much has stayed the same.TalkBack_Proof02sm

The talkback is free to attend with a purchase of a ticket to King Kirby.

Facilitated by Artistic Director Jason Mehmel, The talkback panel will include:

  • Fiona Staples – Artist and co-creator of the comics sensation Saga, recently contributed to Archie Comics
  • Riley Rossmo – acclaimed artist on many titles, from his creator-owned Cowboy Ninja Viking and Rasputin to Hellblazer
  • Ben Rankel – Writer-Artist of the upcoming graphic novel Frank, from Renegade publications,
  • Nick Johnson – comics creator of many titles and artist on Wolf Hands, also an animation art director at New Machine Studios
  • Tyler Jenkins – artist on the popular book Peter Panzerfaust, a WWII retelling of the Peter Pan story, recently optioned by the BBC. (Also, the illustrator for the King Kirby poster!)
  • Ryan Ferrier – writer of creator-owned books such as D4VE and Kennel Block Blues, also a writer on the Hell On Wheels comic

For ticket purchase and information call 403-264-7243 or visit