IGNITE! 2021 Festival Stream of Death: A REBIRTH

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It’s been a heck of a year. We started producing a series of work in the summer for IGNITE! 2021, and with many delays, we are finally able to release some of that work!

On December 6, 7pm Mountain Standard Time, join us for the launch of the movement work: Death, A Rebirth. Curated and facilitated by Sarah Curts, with a film creation directed by Matt Watterworth, this beautiful celebration of movement is about to arrive!

For IGNITE! 2021, we didn’t want to focus on creating digital-only work, or at least in creating work that didn’t focus on the craft and skills of live performance. The film was made to feel as ‘live’ as possible. Matt used two cameras and the cuts that you see are between one take.

We’re also going to be presenting the IGNITE! 2021 podcasts on our site, with more information promoting them through December. Again, although this is clearly digital content, we tried to focus on producing art that felt like it was developing the live performance skills of our artists as much as possible!Can’t wait to hear what you think of Death, A Rebirth, and all the work to come!

Artists: Kelsey Clement, Veronica Delgado, Collette Radau, Oliver Bailey, Brittany Barnes, Shrina Patel

Sarah Curts: Curator & Facilitator

Matt Watterworth: Director & Editor

Levin Ifko: Festival Producer

Jason Mehmel: Festival Director