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Legislating Love Podcast Celebration!

You can listen live online on Feb 13, at 4:30pm (link below), or go to queercalendar.ca, (scroll near to the bottom of the page), or find it at any of the major podcatchers around!

4:30 pm Podcast Listen Party
7:00 pm Q&A with Playwright and Producers

You can listen and watch live on YouTube HERE

Our friends at the Edmonton Fringe are helping us by also hosting it over HERE

Legislating Love is written by Calgary artist Natalie Meisner, and explores the life of another prominent Calgarian, Everett Klippert.

Aspiring historian Maxine is researching Canadian social policy when she discovers the story of Everett Klippert—the last Canadian man jailed simply for being gay. Maxine becomes fascinated with Everett’s case and with discovering the man beyond the headlines. Inspired and captivated, Maxine connects with a senior at a local assisted living facility she knows only as Handsome, one of Klippert’s lovers and perhaps the only person who can truly illuminate the past. At the same time, Maxine is navigating her own new relationship with Métis comedian Tonya. This heartwarming, multi-generational exploration of queer love tells the near-forgotten story of one of Canada’s quiet heroes, and reminds us all that the past must be remembered as we work together for a better future.

The radioplay features the work of Jason Mehmel (director/production coordinator), Kathryn P. Smith (sound designer), as well as actors Jenn Forgie, Matt McKinney, Kevin Rothery, and Kathy Zaborsky. To celebrate the release of Legislating Love, a virtual listening party will be held on February 13th at 4:30pm. Participants will gather to listen to the episode (4:30pm), followed by a Q&A with members of the cast and crew (at 7:00pm). 

Those interested can also purchase the published play script for Legislating Love through the University of Calgary Press.

In January 2020, Cardiac Theatre and What It Is Productions launched the first of thirteen podcast dramas as part of The Alberta Queer Calendar Project: a one-year podcast that will feature thirteen new podcast dramas by queer, Albertan writers throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

The podcast’s newest release is historical drama Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story by Calgary author, playwright, poet, and professor Natalite Meisner, presented with the generous support of Sage Theatre, who first staged the production in 2018.

Episodes of The Alberta Queer Calendar Project are available for free at queercalendar.ca and wherever podcasts are heard. Donations towards the project are gratefully accepted at queercalendar.ca/donate.

If you want to support this work or the queer community, consider donating to Sage Theatre, The Alberta Queer Calendar Project, or Stepping Stone.


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We envision a province where trans and gender diverse individuals are surrounded by positivity, affirmation, and support free from barriers, stigma, and discrimination.

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To that end, our missions is to connect trans and gender diverse youth, adults, and families with comprehensive and low barrier access to the support they need and deserve.


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Legislating Love released as a podcast!

We have been fortunate to work with the Alberta Queer Calendar Project and Natalie Meisner to develop an podcast version of the play we premiered back in 2018! You can listen over at queercalendar.ca, (scroll near to the bottom of the page), or at any of the major podcatchers around!

It will stay up there until December 28 2021!

Illustration of Natalie Meisner holding a bat and baseball, with the title of the play listed above her.

Writer: Natalie Meisner

Featuring: Jenn Forgie, Matt McKinney, Kevin Rothery, and Kathy Zaborsky.

Director/Production Coordinator: Jason Mehmel

Sound Designer: K.P. Smith

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