IGNITE! 2021, and the Summer of IGNITE!

A Summer of IGNITE!

In this strange period of transition, having lived through more than a year of a pandemic, but not quite out of it, Sage Theatre presents an IGNITE! Festival that spreads itself across the summer. We’ll be showcasing emerging artists across June and July!

We’ll start off with streaming of some theatrical projects next week, followed by yet more work coming out throughout the summer!

Tune in here, June 16-19 from 7 to 9pm!

You’ll watch Scene Switch, Tales from the Echo Chamber, plus interviews with artists and curators!

Scene Switch:

There are a few playwrights developing work at the festival. Play readings can be challenging to do well on a live platform; especially with a wide variety of talent and tech setups, so rather than presenting the full play, we are going to present two versions of the same scene, so that the playwright and director can test different solutions, and so that the audience can get a sense of the work in development and the fun of seeing things done with different choices.

“Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Tales from the Echo Chamber”

The ensemble Baroque By the Dozen present monologues profiling and parodying conspiracy theories. They cover some of the old standbys as well as the more present and problematic conspiracy theories of today!

Satellite Projects: IGNITE! events happening outside the festival dates. Each of these projects will have a profile during the festival in the form of interviews.

Death and Rebirth, a Dance/Movement project: airing mid-july (pandemic accepting for filming)

Thinking of the change of the seasons, and the changes in our society, we invite you to play with the idea of death and rebirth. For every renewal, there needs to be a death of something past. I want to offer hope that there will be something after this. That every death- every contraction – leads way to something new! That we perhaps never saw or imagined before.

Facilitated by Sarah Curts, a born and raised Calgarian, a semi-retired aerialist and professional dancer.

IGNITE! Playwright Podcast:

The plays that receive the Scene Switch testing, will also be recorded afterwards in a podcast form, so that the whole story will be available!

Interdisciplinary Artist Blind Date: airing mid-july (pandemic accepting for filming)

Facilitated by Sage Theatre artistic associate and renowned creator Javier Vilalta, artists will explore a new artistic experience by pairing their practice with someone different!

Major Matt Mason presents The Wildfire National Playwriting Competition:

An annual opportunity for playwrights under 30 to share and develop their work with the Major Matt Mason Collective. The collective has supported ten different playwrights over five years, with both financial support and development workshops. Presented September/October based on pandemic restrictions.