Kirby’s Valentines

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King Kirby is the story of Jack Kirby, the man who created the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Captain America, and more… and it’s the story of why most don’t know his name.king kirby poster with text-small

Kirby pours his quintessentially Twentieth Century life into his comics, only to make the fateful mistake that sends him into obscurity while his creations become known to every person on Earth.




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As Valentine’s Day approaches it has me thinking of some of the famous romantic couples and comics that Jack Kirby has put out into the world.

Sue Storm & Reed Richardssue-and-reed-kiss-j

Arguably, the most famous romance in comics. These two were a couple from the beginning, and not long after the book started, they had a wedding issue in which Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were guests, along with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

The early years for this couple weren’t always easy, as they dealt with new powers and strange villains, but Sue and Reed made it work, and provided the core of the family that the Fantastic Four became. In all of the adaptations and reboots, this relationship stays the same every time!



Big Barda & Mister Miraclemr_miracle_big_barda_by_marvinsafro-d38f473

When Jack went to creating his own characters, he also created this pair. A superhero escape artist and a otherworldly warrior woman, they were a passionate and considerate couple. The rumour is that he based his dialogue for these two on the conversations he would have with his wife, Roz!

It also shows that Kirby was focused on creating capable, powerful women, who were ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the super-men surrounding them.



Young RomanceYoung_Romance_Issue_1

After creating Captain America, Kirby and Joe Simon created Young Romance, a series of romance comics. This was before superheroes dominated the comics business. The idea was to tell stories that would appeal to demographics beyond the superhero fan base. Selling five million copies at the time, it’s interesting to think what comics might have been like if these stories took over the field instead of superheroes.